A year before the Sexeni festivities, Morella celebrates L’Anunci, the announcement of these festivities that are lived from six to six years. It takes place on the fourth Sunday of August, the next will be in 2023 (2024 will be the year of the 55 Sexennium). L’Anunci appears in the life of Morella with the presence of Ninots in different streets of the city, during the first three Sundays of August. These dolls, handcrafted by the neighbors, gracefully and humorously stage everyday aspects of life in Morella. In addition, in La Font street Els Volantins is installed, three dolls hanging from a huge trunk that crosses the street, hanging from balconies. These volantins dance to the music and the processions.

Burst of colors and party

L’Anunci explodes in the city of Morella as the great call that is from the six-year parties. The people of Morella turn to this event that consists of the parade of numerous floats, designed and adorned with curled paper. This parade has the main element of the confetti. It is impossible to escape from this enthusiastic and colorful battle where up to one hundred tons of these colored pieces of paper are fired, as happened in the last Anunci, held in 2017. Morella becomes a sea of paper and fun. Before this impressive party, El Pregó toured the streets of Morella announcing the arrival of a new Sexenni. The next Anunci will be held on August 27, 2023.

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