During the hunting season in autumn and winter, the Morella's kitchens are filled with odours and flavours. This popular activity of Morella and Els Ports, offers endless possibilities for cooking: stews and hotpots and even cold meat. The different recipes prepared with the hunted meat taste delicious: wild boar, deer, rabbits, hares, partridges, pigeons, doves and quail. In Morella, the wild boar is cooked in different ways: grilled or in sauce with vegetables and mushrooms and even candied, in carpaccio, braised or stewed. Boar chorizo, sausage, salami and cecina are highly appreciated. The marinated poultry tastes great with salad or as an entry, and it can be eaten in a stew or fried with sauces. The deer and the fallow deer from other areas are haunted meats, which can be found in Morella during the season. These animals taste delicious when you bake them or cook them with sauces. Truffles, mushrooms, almonds, brandy, vegetables and legumes are, among others, products that can be cooked along with the haunted meat in the pan. The area is known for its creative recipes that mix sweet and bitter flavours with the aroma of this type of meat.

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