Jewels to eat and taste


One of the most attractive products for the visitor that comes to Morella are the huge cow or bull hindquarters, hanging in grocery stores. The cecina, it's salted and dried meat, which is very prestigious and it has a great quality. It traveled to America in the hold of the caravel Santa Maria. The salt has been, throughout history, one way of preserving food, meat and fish. Morella's climate favors the conservation of meat, ham and other cold meats. In addition, the region of Els Ports produces a very good beef, and it has the largest cattle of Valencia.

The cecina follows a similar elaboration process than the ham by curing the cow leg, but lately they are also selling tasty goat or boar cecinas. The result is a huge piece of beef with grayish brown colour on the outside and a beautiful red colour on the inside, streaked with fat which gives it a delicious taste. We can eat it in small pieces along with cheese and ham, as a starter dish, but also with other types of meat. It is a very nutritious low-calorie meat, high in protein. It is delightful to look at,to smell due to its intense smell and, of course, delightful to taste.

The cuisine has incorporated the cecina to create elaborate dishes and we can taste it in restaurants in carpaccio with cheese and olive oil, in original salads with thousand-flower foie, in exquisite crispy products, or in pasta dishes.

The cecina, it's salted and dried meat, which is very prestigious and it has a great quality.

The ham is another cured meat delicatessen. In this region, the produts done with pig meat are excellent as well as the products of other regions of the Maestrazgo and Matarraña, where the Teruel ham is produced. All the food establishments and butchers of Morella offer a wide variety of dried beef and ham. Portions can be purchased in thin slices and, in many cases; they use vacuum packing when you buy them. The sausages are also another attractive product of Morella. The can be fresh and dried sausages, made with pepper or cinnamon, rice and onion black pudding, raw and dry chorizos, and pepperoni, salami, cured loin and tenderloin nap.

Jewels to eat and taste

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