In Morella, the kitchen has always been simple but very creative, as well as in other mountain areas where communications and weather have always been difficult. Life in cold and isolated farms and villages, gives the kitchen a strong personality and an important role in the lives of these villages. The fruits of the earth fill the pantry and the mushrooms are one of the most important examples. The season begins in fall and announced a big period of activity for the citizens of Morella, because it is a pleasure to collect mushrooms. The Níscalo (lacteal delicious) is, without doubt, the most common mushroom in the woods of Morella. We can also find the gírgola or a fine and tasty wild mushroom, which is very appreciated. You can also find Boletus edulis (porcini), the trumpets of death and many mycological varieties.

The kitchen of Morella has evolved and introduced new ways to enjoy mushrooms: grilled with olive oil or with a mixture of garlic and parsley, they are the most requested and appreciated.

This kitchen has opened a new gastronomic route, because in autumn and winter, all the restaurants present menus in which the essential product is the mushroom. Camagroc, colmenillas, fridolic, rosinyol, blanca oreja, pié azul, rebozuelos, oreja de Judas, Ou or Reig, Senderuela, llengua de bou and Rovelló are varieties that can be found in the shops of the city.

A part from the roasted mushrooms or pickled mushrooms, the gastronomy has added new techniques and ideas; and thanks to them the mushroom has become an important and privileged product of the Mediterranean cuisine.

The restaurants offer innovative menus, where they prepare different combinations of mushrooms. During the months of autumn and winter restaurants offer mushrooms, and some of them promote gastronomic activities around this dish.


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