Town Hall


Between the past and the future

The Town Hall building, a construction from the 14th century, a sample of civil Gothic, looks majestic in the urban center of Morella. The building was the town hall, headquarters of the Council, Court of Justice and Prison.

The Morellano City Council has witnessed outstanding historical events, and has the Europa Nostra award in 1997 for the architectural recovery of heritage, where the current offices are combined with the old building, without having damaged its charm.

At the entrance to the Town Hall we will see the four giants (Seidia, Artal, Rosella and Abusaid). With more than 40 kg, they are carried through the streets of Morella, in some of the town’s festivities.

On the ground floor we have the old Lonja, currently for multifunctional use. Next to the Lonja is also the prison with the dungeons of the time, restored today.


In this Room of Gothic origin, the Cross of the three crowned heads stands out. It is a cross carved in stone that commemorates the famous “Morella conversations”. Meeting that took place in the cloister of the Convent of San Francisco where Benedict XIII, known as Pope Luna, Fernando de Antequera and San Vicente Ferrer talked to try to achieve the papal abdication of Benedict XIII within the framework of the Western Schism.

 Court of Justice

Place where the prisoners were ruled justice. The convicts were sent through a door inside the room that communicated with the prison, located just below the Court of Justice


Currently, its impressive Gothic rooms are the permanent setting for artistic exhibitions, cultural events, congresses and other events. *Check the schedule of the exhibitions in the Tourist Info.

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