Mobil home area

The Morella motorhome area is located less than 1.5km from the urban area.

It has a maximum capacity for approximately 30 vehicles. Access to motorhomes, caravans and camper vans is allowed.

It is an area of free and free access, so it is not possible to reserve the space.

It is equipped with the infrastructure for the evacuation of gray and blue (or black) wastewater from vehicles, as well as the corresponding taps to fill the water tanks. It also has electric lighting, and wooden tables with benches.


  • The maximum parking will be 72h.
  • It is forbidden to wash vehicles, remove from the motorhome any element such as chairs, tables, barbecues, awning, clothesline, lower legs or vehicle supports; and any other that may be considered “camping”, as it is expressly prohibited by the laws of free camping.
  • The area must be kept in a perfect state of cleanliness.
  • When using the filling and draining terminal, do not spill liquids out of the sink and grate, leaving everything clean.

Telephone numbers of interest

  • Guardia Civil 964 160 011
  • Health Center 964 160 962
  • Local Police 609891488
  • Firefighters 085
  • Town Hall 964 160 034
  • Tourist office 661425294
  • Red Cross 639891302

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