GR-331 Els Ports – Road of conquest

Over the past few years, the Els Ports County Commonwealth has been working on the Camí de Conquesta (Path of Conquest), a project that, through culture and active tourism, shows all the values ​​and references of the Els Ports destination .

The project is inspired by the historical basis of the origins of our peoples, a differentiating element from which the authenticity of the region is born, for being the one who has determined not only the future of each one of them, but also the configuration of a unique unit with its own language, culture and traditions and a unique architectural, road, gastronomic or archaeological heritage.

Thus, a circular path is born that runs along the main roads that traditionally linked the different urban centers of the region, crossing valleys, rivers and mountains and showing the people who walk it all the elements that make this land authentic: sources, Azagadores, hermitages, archaeological and paleontological sites, nature reserves, monumental trees and unique landscapes, among others.

This themed route has been approved as a path of Great Route, with the name of GR 331 Els Ports - Camí de Conquesta and joins the eleven villages that are part of the Els Ports County Commonwealth, through its 166Km spread over 15 stages.

To travel the trail and get all the information about it (technical information of the tours, altimetries, tracks, etc.), a topography has been edited, which can be purchased at the tourist offices, town halls and libraries > of the entire region of Els Ports and other places of the Valencian Community and its surroundings, both in Spanish and Valencian. With this, you will get a box with the plans of the different stages and a Camí backpack.

You can also download a mobile application called “Camí de Conquesta”, which allows you to visualize historical recreations of the events that occurred at each point, listen to explanations of the history of others or visit virtually places of great interest of the municipalities, but which, by Different reasons, they have difficult access. Likewise, they will find in the streets of the towns enllces with QR codes through the reading of which, they will be able to obtain historical and patrimonial information.

Along the route, you can enjoy nature, culture, architecture, archeology, spectacular landscapes and small samples of the past and present of a very special land. A tour of the medieval origins of Els Ports, when, with the conquest of Morella (1232) and surrounding towns by Blasco de Alagón, the senior butler of King Jaume I, the conquest of the Kingdom of Valencia begins.

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