PR-CV 116 Morella – Forcall

Path of small route PR-V 116. It is marked with white and yellow lines.

To the top of the Serra del'Àguila we follow the GR-7. From this crossroads, instead of going straight we turn right along the track that follows the entire ridge of the mountains, until we reach the road that goes from Morella to Cinctorres. We cross the road and continue along the track that takes us to the base of the Mola de la Garumba.

To climb the Mola we pass a gate leaving the Mas de Segureta de la Mola on the right and we take the path that goes up and passes next to an old tejera. Later we find a raft that we left to the left and making several eses we reach a wooden gate, the only access to the Mola by this part.

We climb a little higher and find a pole that tells us that the route turns northwest. The highest point of the route is 1125 m high. We follow the northeast slope of the Mola, passing through a small shelter, where flocks were kept. We pass a precipice with walls of 30 to 50 meters with the presence of vultures. We continue along a path between pines and carrascas that reaches the track that goes up from Mas de Xorrador to Mas de la Mola.

We continue along the track, we pass a gate. Then the road turns to the left and leaves the track when it turns sharply to the right. At this point we find a gate and a fountain, the Font de la Carrasca. The road continues west and finally looks out onto the terrace of the Rock of Migdia, from there you can see a beautiful view of Forcall, the hermitage of Sant Cristòfor and the castle of La Todolella. We descend to the hermitage of the Consolation through the water tank. We descend to the road and, behind a small hermitage, we finally arrive at the Font de l'Om. In a few minutes we enter Forcall by the bridge over the river Caldersx

PR-CV 116 Morella – Forcall
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