PR-CV 119 Morella – Cinctorres


We start the tour from the Coll del Canteret, where the PR-CV 116 Mas de Pereu links. Up to here it is possible to access from Morella following the GR-7 and then the PR-CV 116. Parallel to the road in the direction of Cinctorres, part of a downhill road that quickly becomes a path. This, leaves a ravine on the left, wades another ravine that flows into the main and reaches a track leaving it on the left. After going along it a few meters, we leave it on the right to take a path again and go back to a ravine.

We reach the asphalt track of Camí del Moll, we cross it, and we pass a gate entering an area where a ravine runs until we reach a road that we take to the right and that takes us to the CV 125 road and the cattle route of the Xumenera Alta. We continue along it and after 1.7 km, we return to take a path to the right to go down slightly and then zig-zag until we reach a gate that gives access to the road through another gate. We cross the CV-125 and descend the mountain until we cross the CV-125 road again.

In descent towards a track that we cross, we take direction to the electrical tower, from where we go to the Calders River channel. We cross it and take a track on the left, leaving the Mas de la Machine on the left, until we reach the CV-125 road and past the Marcel·lí booth we take a path on the right. Somewhat later this road has paved sections. We leave on the right the road to Mas de Serra and roads on the sides, to go along Camí Vell de Morella and Vía Pecuaria on Camí del Plans, thus arriving, between walls, along this road to Cinctorres, link PR-CV 118 and SL-CV 33, 34, 35 and 36.

PR-CV 119 Morella – Cinctorres
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