PR-CV 216 Morella – Xiva


We leave Morella through the Puerta de San Miguel in the direction of the medieval aqueduct. Passing under the arch of the aqueduct, we continue straight on the asphalt, where it indicates a cut path, towards the second section of the same.

Upon arrival, we find a signpost that deflects us to the left by an azagador. We follow this road on the rise, with lots of loose stone. When the first climb ends, the road goes down a bit and continues to flatten. We found a crossing with a track closed by a fence for cattle. We cross the track and continue straight following the PR marks. We pass near a well, on our right. The path goes up again.

At the top of a hill the road continues. A few meters ahead, it deviates to the right, passing under a cattle fence. There is a pole that indicates the change of slope of the mountain. We descend in zigzag through a small pine forest. We arrive at a dazzler that we follow and that runs alongside the Masía de Carceller that is on the right and that we must watch, since it may have won loose. We find the head of a ravine that we continue on the left. After crossing two porters we pass by the abandoned farmhouse of Mejora, following the left bank of the ravine. The path follows the contour of the ravine that, as we go, reaches greater depth. You can already see Xiva and at the bottom of the ravine, at the source of the Xiva River, the Roser hermitage. The road descends until it reaches the town.

PR-CV 216 Morella – Xiva
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