PR-CV 217 Xiva – Ortells – Forcall


We leave Chiva paper main street that reaches the end of town. We continue along the forest track following the first Breaking right. After crossing two small ravines, we see, on the right, a signpost that shows us the path that leaves the track and continues uphill to a neck (Coll de Ortells). We cross 1 porthole and continue straight down a trail of descending path that, Immediately, it becomes evident. We pass another porter and continue along the path until we reach a forest track. We continue along the track to the left and do not abandon it until we find the road from Morella to Ortells.

Once on the road we see the town of Hortells about 300 meters on our right. Here the marks disappear, but we have to continue along the road to the right until we find a track that goes to the left (before town) and goes down to the Bergantes river, passing by a futsal court.

The route crosses the river next to some rocks that cross it. On the other shore, we continue to the left along 1 path always parallel to the riverbed and remuntant-. We arrived a month, at the edge of the river, located under a large rock. The road crosses the farmhouse and continues, until we reach a track that we follow in the direction we are taking. This passes through some farms and leaves on the entrance road to Villores.
We continue along the road on the left for approximately 100 meters. Next to the right we see the PR marks. The route leaves the road and continues next to a hut for a track until, later, leave the track on the left to continue along the path. The path that crosses a wooded area until we reach another track that we follow to the left where we will find an indicative post. Following this track we reach Forcall Crossing the river Bergantes by 1 bridge.

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