PR-CV 373 Pereroles – Herbeset


The trail up the Barranc d'Allepús begins from the shelter of Pereroles, first by some 1,500 meters along the track that runs coinciding largely by its bed, finished this by the path that continues to climb always close to his bed about 375 more meters. Thus, a confluence of the Barranc d'Allepús is reached with two small tributaries of its own, leaving the route.

At this point begins, on our left, the road that leads to Herbés, with which until now shared the path of Herbeset. The trail crosses here the bed of the ravine and crosses it again to ascend through the backpack that separates the Barranc d'Allepús from its first tributary going up to the left. After a brief and intense ascent, it descends again to the bed of the ravine, but not of the d'Allepús, but of its tributary. Lift it along its bed for a few meters to leave it leaving it to the right and continue like this until some cattle feeders. We continue from them along the track that gives them access from the Herbés road.

Once the road is reached, we cross it and continue on its opposite side parallel to it for a little less than 200 meters until the path takes an angle of 90 degrees to descend parallel to a dry stone wall with a significant slope. After a horseshoe curve and a short almost flat section. the Mas of Darsa is reached. So far the road is wide and marked. It passes under the Mas de Darsa to descend a short stretch, dense vegetation and sloping to a small ravine. This intersects and the path continues down its right bank according to our sense of progress. After a descending stretch in a pine forest, the road takes a beautiful curved path built in dry stone to reach the Mas de Giner.

Surround the houses on the right, to continue in a beautiful section of an alley until it reaches always descending the bed of Barranc d 'Herbeset. After tracing his bed for a short stretch, he crosses it and leaves it, leaving it to the right as it ascends. Follow a steep path through the forest until you reach the path of the cemetery of Herbeset. At this point, turn right. Soon we will reach below and with beautiful views, the town of Herbeset

PR-CV 373 Pereroles – Herbeset
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