PR-CV 374 Pereroles – Herbeset


We traced from the shelter of Pereroles the Barranc d'Allepús, where it converges with two small tributaries of his and the road from Pereroles to Herbeset, first for about 1500 meters along the track that runs and coincides in large part with his bed and, finally This, along the path that continues to climb always close to his bed for 375 meters more. And that is how we will reach the aforementioned confluence, at which point we will definitely leave the Barranc d'Allepús to continue, initially, through the bed of its small tributary on the left. After a brief stretch of more or less flat forest, the road leaves the bed of the ravine on your left and begins a stretch of steep ascent that, after surrounding a clay raft, loses slope and continues along a narrow track between the coscojos.

This track leads to the houses of Mas d'Adell, which we do not reach because, just upon arrival, the road leaves this track and takes an ascending path along a path, which will lead us back to another track. We will follow it to the left a few hundred meters to leave it again along a path that begins to descend, gently at first and progressively steeper.

This path will take us along a stretch of steep forest to reach Mas de la Bruna, which is accessed by a flat stretch in clearer terrain. We surround the constructions on our right to continue descending a steep path that will lead us to the Barranc d'Arnau. Soon, the path takes the form of an alley with well-constructed walls until we reach the house of Mas d'Arnau, which we surround on our right to continue descending, until we cross the Barranc d'Arnau. Here begins a long ascent, first by path, but immediately by a track that we take to our right. The track in strong ascent reaches a crossing. The road continues on the left and will ascend by track until you reach a raft for forest uses, at which point the track dies. On the right of the raft follow the path along a path, which descends a stretch of pine forest on a steep slope, until you reach a track. This one crosses and continues descending through a thicker area of ​​vegetation and among some little worked terraces and reaches, again, a track that also crosses it. A small building is surrounded on our left and continues to descend somewhat roughly, until we reach the Barranc d'en Garcia. We descend the bed of this one, and when a tributary joins it, we begin to ascend by the right margin of the Barranc d'en Garcia, under a rocky wall. Finish our ascent on a track that we cross a few meters, to descend a wide path with the rocky wall to the right until reaching the town of Herbés.

PR-CV 374 Pereroles – Herbeset
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