PR-CV 375 Pereroles – Xiva


This road starts from the Pereroles refuge along the track that gives access from the N 232. Right at the confluence of the ravine with the access track, a secondary track is drawn on the same bed of the ravine. Ascent up the track immediately leaves, to take to the left a path with a steep slope worked in a low mountain backpack, which gives way to a mixed forest with a predominance of pine. Without leaving this path and always ascending, continue the path until it becomes a very low traffic track. The road continues along the same track until it reaches a more marked one, which runs through the partition of the public mountain of Pereroles, where the vegetation opens. The route then turns to the right and continues along the main track until it reaches the Herbés road, next to the Torre Miró farmhouse.

Cross the road to, in a few meters and before the intersection with the old route of the N232, take a track to the left that, by first calling, goes through a dry stone alley. Continue through the interior until, with the view of the hermitage of Sant Marc in front, a track reaches the path that had been following the alley. With a strong turn we will take this track that, in gentle ascent, takes us to the old route of the N 232. Arrived at it, we cross it and continue straight. Now the road descends on a track with little use that leads to the Font del Cup.

Then turn left to look for an underpass under the current layout of the N-232. After crossing this, turn left again and, on concrete, make a strong ascent parallel to the slope of the road. After the ascent leaves said concrete step, to continue ascending a little more along a very busy dirt track. The road will now run through the area where the wind farm is installed.

This track then begins to descend moderately. We will always follow the main track until we reach the electrical substation of the wind farm, at which time this track connects with another on your left. This second we must take it to the right. A little further on, just before the track begins to ascend, the road leaves the track and continues along a descending path next to a dry stone wall. This path leads us into a forest of holm oak and coscojo, to descend strongly until reaching Mas del Carrascal. The buildings are bordered above and the trail continues to the right of the track. Continue descending through a closed oak, to open in a meadow where a track arrives that, taking it to the right, ends in some fields. Follow precisely in the direction of its end, to the right, for about 400 meters.

Then, before the track ends, we leave it with a strong left turn and, after turning right again, follow an old path between walls that we will not leave until we reach Xiva. At first the descent is smooth, level, but then it becomes somewhat steeper to cross a small ravine. It will continue again fairly level to reach a step hanging on the rock wall over the hermitage of Roser de Xiva. At the end of the rock step, the descent becomes much more pronounced, to some almond groves. There we see the first houses in the urban center where the route ends.

PR-CV 375  Pereroles – Xiva
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