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The Archpriest’s Church of Santa Maria la Major

The best Mediterranean sacred art

The Archpriest’s Church of Santa Maria la Major is one of the most beautiful temples in the Mediterranean, a true jewel of religious Gothic. It brings together on the same façade two doors of great architectural and sculptural interest, that of the Apostles and that of the Virgins.
Inside, the choir staircase is masterfully coiled to one of the columns, the scene of the Last Judgement of the choir and the choir vault itself, highly lowered in defiance of the laws of architecture.

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The nakedness of the stone typical of the Gothic churches contrasts with the high altar in the Churrigueresque style, whose Eucharist was accompanied by the still-preserved monumental organ, created by Turull, of the Aragonese school, in 1719. Today it can be enjoyed with the full sound from the organ’s more than 3,000 pipes, especially within the framework of the International Organ Music Festival that is held every August in Morella.

The Basilica also has a museum with outstanding works of painting and religious silversmithing. It is visited together with the entrance to the Basilica.


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