PR-CV 372 Pereroles – La Pobleta


This road links the Pereroles refuge with the urban center of La Pobleta. For this, it runs downstream through the ravine of Torre Miró and Entrefort. When the second reaches the track that joins the towns of Pobleta and Herbés, it ascends along that track to the vicinity of the first of these locations, accessing it by an old road.

Start by taking the trail of the Pereroles pine forest, which goes north from the shelter, but we left at the first corner. We have to access the ravine of Torre Miró and cross it immediately, running from here and without reaching its axis by its left margin. To do this and to the source of the Orpinell, follow a long stretch of path with successive ascents and descents that save small ravines, always on wooded terrain. A wide clear opens to reach that source, becoming the softest orography. The road now descends smoothly and crosses a track. From this moment it rises until it reaches a second track. It is taken to the right and, in descent until reaching the own burdensome bed of the Entrefort ravine, which the road ends up cutting.

Once the track has been reached, the ascent begins, taking it to the left. At first it saves an important slope with a pair of horseshoe curves. Then the orography is softened. Always on the main track, continue to reach the new route of the N 232, a road that crosses and then continues parallel to it along the left bank according to the direction of travel. Progressively separates from it and ascends to a high point near the old route of the N 232. Here begins the steep and short descent that leads to La Pobleta.

PR-CV 372 Pereroles – La Pobleta
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